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Diboc CAS 24424-99-5 (BOC) 2o supplier in China WA +86 19930503252

Москва | Добавлено: 27 апреля 2022, номер: 708826

Diboc CAS 24424-99-5 (BOC) 2o supplier in China WA +86 19930503252, 10 руб.

Москва | 27 апреля 2022, mialang, номер: 708826, просмотры: 5
    Diboc Di-Tert-Butyl Dicarbonate CAS 24424-99-5 (BOC) 2o supplier in China ( whatsapp +86 19930503252
    CAS 24424-99-5 (BOC) 2o is hotselling now ,mainly used for raw materials of the COVID medicine .hebei guanlang biotechnolog Co,.LTD is one of the main CAS 24424-99-5 (BOC) 2o supplier in China ,we have our own factory to produce it and can supply the best quality
    NOW let us see more details of the CAS 24424-99-5 (BOC) 2o
    CAS 24424-99-5 (BOC) 2o low melting point solid , it is colorless liquid when the temperature is up to 23 ℃, when lower than 23 ℃, it become white crystals
    Package : 50kg or 180kg drum
    Product name: Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate
    CAS: 24424-99-5
    MF: C10H18O5
    Appearance: White like crystalline powder
    Content: ≥99.5%
    Packing: 50kg 180kg drum 
    Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate Application 
    Synonyms: Boc Anhydride;Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate;Diboc;BOC
     1. Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate is used to introduce tert-butoxycarbonyl protection genes in organic synthesis, and is especially used for amino group protection of amino acids. Widely used in medicine, protein and peptide synthesis, biochemical food, cosmetics and other products. 
     2. The safety of BOC: To synthesize a compound that is the same as a natural polypeptide, various optically active amino acids must be linked into a certain length of peptide chain in a certain order. When combining with the amino group of another amino acid, it is necessary to prevent the same amino acid molecule from bonding to each other. Therefore, during synthesis, certain amino groups or carboxyl groups must be protected so that the reaction can proceed in the required manner. 
    3.BOC is a good amino acid protectant.
    Contact me if you want to order the BOC
    Email :
    Whatsapp +86 19930503252
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