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Low Price Boric acid,CAS 11113-50-1 BH3O3 BOH3

Хабаровск | Добавлено: 11 января 2022, номер: 705038

Low Price Boric acid,CAS 11113-50-1 BH3O3 BOH3, 10 руб., Торг возможен

Хабаровск | 11 января 2022, mercuryqiu8, номер: 705038, просмотры: 2
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    What is boric acid used for?
    Boric acid is often used as an antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant, neutron absorber, or precursor to other chemical compounds.
    Is boric acid safe for vaginas?
    Boric acid suppositories can be used to treat some types of recurrent vaginal infections. Examples include yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Using boric acid suppositories as labeled is generally safe. Side effects are mild and may include vaginal irritation and discharge.
    What will boric acid do to a human?
    Boric acid is low in toxicity if eaten or if it contacts skin. However, in the form of borax, it can be corrosive to the eye. Borax can also be irritating to the skin. People who have eaten boric acid have had nausea, vomiting, stomach aches, and diarrhea.
    Can we mix boric acid in rice?
    Boric acid or H₃BO₃ is used in the rice as a preservative and to keep rice grains away from insects, worms etc. Usually, 100 gms of boric acid is mixed with 20 or 25 kg of rice. So, for 50 kgs of rice, 200 gms of boric acid powder should be sufficient.
    How do you use boric acid for pest control?
    Sprinkle boric acid on top of high cabinets and shelves for roach control. Roaches like to seek out high spaces and will often choose the tops of these objects to hide and travel. Sprinkle the substance on these areas and the roaches will bring the powder back to their nests on their bodies .
    Can I put boric acid in my bedroom?
    Boric acid is one of the most effective products for killing roaches, ants, and other pests. ... Provide a light dusting of the boric acid on the floor of your bedroom. This way, when roaches walk through it, they'll get it on their bodies and later die when they groom themselves and ingest it.
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