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sell benzocaine, benzocaine powder,benzocaine supplier

Санкт-Петербург | Добавлено: 28 декабря 2020, номер: 695517

sell benzocaine, benzocaine powder,benzocaine supplier, 2 руб.

Санкт-Петербург | 28 декабря 2020, Candy, номер: 695517, просмотры: 18
  • Состояние: Новое 
whatsapp/ signal/ telegram 0086 15377505767
wickr me: candyliu
hubei AOKS biotech co. ltd.
99.9% purity benzocaine, free of customs clearance! Delivery guranteed!
What is benzocaine?
Benzocaine (Benzocaina) is a white needle crystal (CAS No.: 94-09-7, molecular formula: C9H11NO2, molecular weight: 165), melting point of 90-92 degree, slightly
soluble in water, soluble Organic solvent
The local anesthetic intensity of benzocaine is worse than that of Dimethocaine, tetracaine and lidocaine, and slightly stronger than procaine. Therefore, benzocaine
does not cause discomfort due to anesthesia when it acts on the mucosa. Benzociane is a fat-soluble drug, so it is also easy to bind to the mucous membrane of the
mucous membrane or skin, but it is not easy to penetrate and enter the body to produce toxicity. At the same time, benzocaine is used as a local anesthetic in
medicine. It has analgesic and antipruritic effects. It is mainly used for wounds, ulcers, mucosal surfaces and acne anesthesia, pain relief and itching. The ointment
can also be used as a nasopharyngeal catheter. Mirror and other lubrication to relieve pain.
The demand for benzocaine in European countries such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada in Nouth America is high. Most people use benzocaine for medical
purposes, and a small number of people use benzociane for experimental research, or mixing with other chemicals, and unconventional uses.
HUBEI AOKS BIO-TECH CO LTD is located in Hubei province of China. We specialized in pharmaceutical intermediates veterinary drug intermediates and dyes
intermediates,such as phenylacetamide,dimethylamine hcl, benzyl chloride etc.
We have strong professional research and development team, talented personnel and completely equipped laboratory for the quality controlling.We offer OEM service,if
you have a good plan in new product production but lack of laboratory device and human resource, we are glad to sovle this problem for you.
Quality Best,Customer First is what we adhering all the time, we have enjoyed a high reputation in the world market, mainly North America, Eastern Europe, Western
Europe, South America.
Our hot sell products:
Phenacetin, cas 62-44-2
Benzocaine, cas 94-09-7
Lidocaine, cas 137-58-6
Lidocaine hcl, cas 73-78-9
Tetracaine hcl, cas 136-47-0
Tetracaine, cas 94-24-6
Procaine, cas 59-46-1
Procaine HCL, cas 51-05-8
tetramisole hcl/hydrochloride, cas 5086-74-8
levamisole hcl/hydrochloride, cas 16595-80-5
boric acid, cas 11113-50-1
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